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The Little Things Hotels Everywhere Are Doing to Ensure Business Travelers Sleep Well

Hotels around the globe have introduced a variety of new features over the years designed to help business travelers get a good night’s rest.

Business travelers face a unique set of challenges, from budget restraints to flight schedules. Luckily, hotel chains are introducing new features to eliminate at least one challenge — sleeping problems.

Jan Fritag, from hotel research firm STR, told USA Today that hotels are “in the business of providing a safe and comfortable place for people to rest, so sleep should always be on the top of the agenda for operators,” and that business travelers “need to be ready to go in the morning, and anything that enhances that sleep experience for them to be more productive is worth exploring.”

To that end, hotel chains have been making strides toward total comfort and restful sleep. The trend began around 1999, when Westin introduced its Heavenly Bed, a set including a custom pillow-top mattress, soft pillows, a down blanket and a custom duvet.

The comfort ideal has since spread to hotels across the world. Here’s how just a few chains out there are ensuring each guest has a good night’s rest:

  • Holiday Inn Express: Headboards that function as soundproofing from neighbor rooms.
  • Sleep Inn: Strategic placement of elevator and television to reduce noise.
  • Klaus K: Custom pillow menu.
  • EVEN Hotels: Cooling eucalyptus sheets and app-based white noise machines.
  • MGM Grand and Casino: The Stay Well program, which offers lamps that simulate the sunrise instead of an alarm clock, subdued lighting, blackout curtains and a guided meditation.

There are plenty of sleep features being used by hotels around the world. Which one’s your favorite?

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jbb March 26, 2015

Blackout curtains and high quality bed linens including high thread count sheets, soft pillow top mattress, duvet and good pillows is what I look for in a hotel for a good night's sleep. Minimising noise from other rooms and the hall with soundproof doors/walls or room design is also important.

pharmalady March 26, 2015

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