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The Funniest Airplane Safety Demos Caught on Tape

Funny Flight Attendant Safety Videos

If you’re a frequent flyer, then I’m sure by now you have memorized the safety announcements given by the cabin crew throughout each flight. The presentations can be repetitive and boring, but that has not stopped a few bold flight attendants from putting a fun spin on them. Here are seven of the funniest inflight safety briefings that can hopefully give people a much-needed laugh during these hard times.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest is known for its fun-luving attitude and comedic flight attendants, and the company’s push for the best customer experience has resulted in a few hilarious safety announcements.

Th-Th-Th-That’s All Folks!

Upon descent into Chicago, Southwest flight attendant Zach Haumesser put on an impressive Loony Toons voice show, impersonating many of the cartoon’s infamous characters, including Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety Bird, the Tasmanian Devil, Porky Pig, Foghorn Leghorn, Sylvester the Cat, Yosemite Sam, and the Road Runner. He begins the safety briefing with Bugs Bunny’s famous saying, “what’s up doc?” and asks passengers to be “vewy, vewy quiet” and to “pwease wemain seated.” He wraps up the announcement with Porky Pig’s catchphrase, “Th-th-th-that’s all folks!” and the Road Runner’s “beep beep!”


Do Not Be Naughty in that Potty

Another Southwest flight attendant decided to spice up his preflight safety demo with some cheeky humor. The crewmember started the briefing by explaining how a seatbelt is used, saying that “It needs to be low and tight across your hip just like the hot pink speedo I’m going to be wearing when I finally get the three of us to the hotel hot tub tonight.” He continued with a clever combination of jokes and information, explaining, “Folks, if you don’t like the jokes of the service today, there are six ways out of this airplane, you feel free to use them,” and “Do not be naughty in that potty. Leave the webcam alone, or you’ll end up on YouTube next week.” The flight attendant ended his announcement by singing a familiar tune, “We love you, you love us, we are must faster than the bus. We hope you enjoy our hospitality, marry one of us, and you’d fly free.”

Other Airlines Join the Fun

Southwest may be the frontrunner for comedic inflight presentations, but that has not stopped other airline flight attendants from entertaining passengers. WestJet, Spirit, Frontier, Mesa, and AirAsia have also gone viral for their humor.



Bust a Move

In 2019, a WestJet flight attendant gave a hilarious safety demo in both English and French. What got everyone laughing was his funny facial expressions, silly sound effects, and entertaining dance moves as he struggled to use the seatbelt, pointed out the emergency exit doors, and demonstrated how to use the oxygen masks. His performance was met with applause from passengers.

Pick Your Favorite, You Know You’ve Got One

A Spirit flight attendant surprised passengers with a preflight comedy show by turning the typically boring safety demo into pure entertainment. The video starts with her telling parents they will need to choose which child gets help putting on their oxygen mask, saying, “assess your situation, who’s it gonna be, pick your favorite, you know you’ve got one.” She continues by warning passengers that smoking is not allowed inflight but challenges them, saying, “don’t worry, if y’all need to smoke, step out on the wing, and if you can light it, then we’ll let you smoke it.” Spirit may not be known for its hospitality, but at least this flight attendant made up for it with some humor.

Grab Your Nearest Flight Attendant to Get Some Air

This Frontier safety briefing shows a flight attendant cracking up to her coworker’s funny rendition of the preflight demo. He refers to each life vest as an “itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny yellow polka dot bikini” and advises passengers to ignore deployed oxygen masks and to “grab your nearest flight attendant to get some air” instead. He even takes a jab at his no-frills company, saying, “let’s be honest, only those of you that paid the extra $49.99 get any of the oxygen.”


Kiss Your Butt Goodbye and Go Swimmin’

Mesa Airlines flight attendant Angela Howe showed off her southern charm during the inflight safety demo. Angela displayed her entertaining sense of wit, enthusiasm, and energy as she explained how to use the airplane’s seatbelt, oxygen masks, and life vests. Her funny way of throwing demo objects, as well as her blunt instructions on how to use the life vests, “kiss your butt goodbye and go swimmin’,” got the passengers in hysterics. This woman has a silly way of putting a smile on your face.


If You Want to Smoke, You Can Go Outside

An AirAsia flight attendant incorporated a few humorous lines into his safety demo. He reminded passengers to leave everything behind during evacuations, including boyfriends and husbands, and told anyone who wanted to smoke may do so outside. His comedic wit was definitely a great way to distract passengers from the stress of flying.

Have you ever witnessed a hilarious inflight safety briefing? Share your stories in the comments!

mhrb May 3, 2020

Christ if I ever had to put up with these ideas of "humour" I might be tempted to break the laws of physics and use the exits in flight. Do all the passengers on these planes have the sense of humour of a slow six year old?!

KLBGO April 3, 2020

But does anyone dare to make a covid joke?