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The Flight That’s Late Over 50% of the Time

If you’re hoping to get to your destination on time, it might be best to avoid Spirit Airlines. While the airline says that it’s trying to be more punctual, one of its flights isn’t doing it’s part to raise the average.

Spirit Flight 140 from Orlando International Airport to Newark Liberty International Airport has been reported by the U.S. Department of Transportation as being “chronically late” (defined as over 30 minutes late) more than half the time for five consecutive months.

On average, each of those flights was delayed by more than an hour.

Spirit Airlines declined to respond to the report. Dave Smallen, director of public affairs at the DOT’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics said “I can tell you that the Spirit flight as well as a JetBlue flight that was reported as chronically delayed for five months previously in 2017 are both under review by the DOT enforcement office.”

He declined to elaborate further.


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BMGRAHAM December 19, 2017

Well to be fair, when you are flying to and from New York with any airline including Delta that usually has a great on-time record, your chances of arriving on time (if at all) are not great due to weather-related delays or cancellations.

emcampbe December 17, 2017

Bad, of course (and I'd never fly Spirit, regardless of stats like this or not), but wasn't there a Southwest flight (IIRC, though can't remember which route) that was late over 90% of the time?

drvannostren December 17, 2017

My guess is they COULD, but that it would then ruin the proposed duty day for the crew that operates it, or the airport won't give them a later slot or something.

eng3 December 15, 2017

cant the airline just move the scheduled departure/arrival time back by 15-30min?