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The Most Searched for Disinfectant by State

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In addition to the (unnecessary) run on toilet paper happening across the country, medical supplies and sanitization products are also getting snatched up quickly; online information resource Upgraded Points recently conducted a survey to see what’s selling out fastest based on individual states.

We’ve all seen the videos of customers sprinting to snatch up what’s still available of the nation’s toilet paper supply. But anyone who’s been in a store in the past few weeks knows some other important items are quickly selling out as well: sanitation items, medical supplies, and cleaning products.

In order to determine what products are going the quickest and where they’re most in-demand, online information resource Upgraded Points did a study to see what anti-germ product has the highest search volume online, broken down by state. The items included in the survey are hand sanitizer, germ masks, antibacterial soap, N95 masks (the ones the CDC advises should just be used by healthcare workers), Clorox wipes, disinfecting spray, and Lysol wipes.

Image Source: Upgraded Points

What Were the Study Criteria?

Upgraded Points analyzed data from Google Shopping between March 2 and March 9. They tracked nine different search terms that made it clear someone wanted to buy something.

“For weeks now we have been watching the reports of the Coronavirus outbreak overseas, throughout Asia and the European Union,” Alex Miller, founder of Upgraded Points, told the AP. “With an increasing number of cases being reported here in the United States as well, public attention is quickly ratcheting up. We are certainly noting the growing disruption in the travel industry as well, and wanted to get some insight as to what items people are shopping for to combat this pandemic. While the World Health Organization has released detailed guidance on combating the Coronavirus, we wondered if people’s shopping interests in this regard were being informed by official government sources, or if panic and anxiety were overriding rationality.”

Image Source: Upgraded Points

What Were the Results?

By far, hand sanitizer was the most searched for item. It topped the list in 18 states. Next was germ masks in nine states; antibacterial soap in seven states; N95 masks and Clorox wipes in six states; disinfecting spray in three states, and Lysol wipes in two states. For the full report broken out by state, go here. And please, remember not to hoard items and stay safe and sanitary by regularly washing your hands and the surfaces around you.

francis27 March 25, 2020

Why would you buy antibacterial soap to kill a virus? Antibacterial solutions kill bacteria not viruses. Would you not buy an anti-viral solution like Zoflora ? Are these the same people who are destroying the global antibiotic stocks by insisting their doctor give them penicillin and steroids for the flu? Interestingly masks are number two but are only effective if used in conjunction with gloves. But gloves are not on the list. A nation of sheep.

flyingtall March 25, 2020

Antibacterial soap??? Once again we see the failure of the American educational system, or just the people who go through it. A. Regular use of antibacterial soap has long been debunked as useful for the average person and there is plenty of expert evidence that it may actually be counterproductive (oh, I forgot, we don't need no stinken experts in America). B. Frequent hand-washing with regular soap has been recommended by CDC and many other sources for Covid19. C. Alcohol above 60% for hand wipes and cleaning surfaces is effective for killing the virus. D. The manufacturers of antibacterial soap are laughing themselves silly all the way to the bank.