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The 5 Most Insane Rock ‘n’ Roll Hotel Stories

Nothing says rock ’n’ roll like trashing a hotel room…but there are some stars who take that job way more seriously than others.

Rock stars and hotel room destruction are a tale as old as time — a given part of the mythology at this point. These days if you want to stand out from the crowd, you really have to work at it. To show you just how much today’s stars have to live up to, we’ve put together a list of iconic rock ’n’ roll hotel stories.

5. Amy Winehouse

During a 2007 visit to London’s Sanderson Hotel with then-husband Blake Fielder-Civil, late great soul singer Amy Winehouse did not exactly have a quiet, relaxing stay. A screaming match between the couple was loud enough that other guests ended up calling security; the sounds of clattering furniture were also reported. The fight resulted in nearly $18,000 in room damages, and per The Daily Mail, specialists had to be called in to remove bloodstains from the walls.

4. Rolling Stones

Turns out there’s a reason that hotels bolt down their TVs these days … and that reason is Keith Richards. While staying at the Continental Hyatt House (now the Andaz West Hollywood) in Los Angeles during the Rolling Stones’ 1972 North American tour, Richards and saxophonist Bobby Keys got inspired. The pair grabbed the room TV and boldly tossed it off their 10th-floor balcony, dropping it onto the pavement below. The entire escapade was captured on film by documentarian Robert Frank.

3. Billy Idol

Eighties idol Billy Idol is known for his punk rock image, and he certainly lived that out while traveling through Thailand in 1989. The singer checked into Bangkok’s Mandarin Oriental and over a span of three weeks set off on an impressive bout of debauchery. Indulging in a sex-and-drugs bender that allegedly cost $250,000, Idol also trashed his room and refused to leave. The Guardian reports that the hotel ended up calling in the Thai army, who had to shoot the star with tranquilizer darts to get him out.

2. Keith Moon

The late Keith Moon and his band The Who were notorious for destroying hotel rooms. The most infamous event, however, took place in 1967 when Moon was celebrating his 21st birthday at the Holiday Inn in Flint, Michigan. Legend has it that the birthday boy used dynamite to blow up the toilet and threw a five-tier cake at partygoers. When police finally arrived, he stripped off his clothes, hopped into a Lincoln Continental, and drove it into the hotel pool. Just to add to the scene, Moon then slipped on a piece of marzipan and knocked out his front teeth. The result of all this? The Who supposedly received a lifetime ban from all Holiday Inns.

1. Led Zeppelin

Like The Who, Led Zeppelin also had quite a reputation for partying just a wee bit too hard. In 1969, the band had a particularly debauched visit at the Edgewater Inn (now simply The Edgewater) in Seattle. The hotel looks directly over Elliott Bay and drummer John Bonham and road manager Richard Cole had been fishing from their rooms. The pair caught a number of mudsharks, stuck coat hangers through the gills, then left them in the closet. Accounts of the party vary, but it seems that these sharks were then used to perform sex acts on various groupies. The sharks were later discovered all over the room, and all sorts of furniture and accessories were tossed out the windows into the bay. Much like The Who, Led Zeppelin were likewise banned from the Edgewater Inn, though since that time Robert Plant has been welcomed back.

[Photo: Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin on the balcony of the “Riot Hyatt,” now Andaz West Hollywood by Peter Simon]

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dilbertsdaddy January 3, 2016

Love it. Zeppelin = greatest band of all time.