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The 5 Healthiest Airports in America

Fed up with being fed garbage when you travel? The 2015 Airport Food Review shows which airports serve food you don’t have to be ashamed to eat.

Airport food isn’t the sort of thing people remember fondly when they travel: a greasy piece of pizza here; a sad, wilted salad there. But these days airports are stepping up their game, and there are more and more options for eating better when you’re on the go.

Each year The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine publishes the Airport Food Review, a ranking of airports based on the healthy food items available. The 2015 report shows that 71 percent of airport restaurants now have at least one vegan meal option.

Read on to find out their picks for the U.S. airports with the healthiest food.

5. Denver International Airport (DEN)

DEN offers several spots with veggie-friendly meals. New American eatery Root Down gives a variety of options to health-conscious travelers, such as a beet salad with goat cheese and hazelnuts. Pour La France is also known for their roasted eggplant panini.

3. Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) (tie)

PHL tied with San Francisco International Airport (SFO) for number three. A crop of new restaurants are cooking up plant-based dishes this year, like La Tapenade Mediterranean Café and their portobello panini. Or, those looking for a more traditional Philadelphia experience can opt for a grilled vegetable sub at Philly Steak & Gyro.

3. San Francisco International Airport (SFO) (tie)

San Francisco is known for its health scene, and its airport is no different. The Plant is a cafe specializing in all things green: they have a lentil-mushroom burger, and serve fresh juices call day long. For a sit-down option, Perry’s features a garden burger and several meat-free salads.

2. Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)

EWR climbs from fifth place to second this year thanks to places like Flora Cafe and their vegetarian-friendly Mediterranean menu. Flyers more in need of a caffeine fix, however, can head to Green Beans Coffee and pick up a veggie sandwich to go with their coffee.

1. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

LAX tops the list in 2015, having replaced several fast food joints with healthier chains. The Counter, for example, makes veggie burgers in-house, while Real Food Daily has an all-vegan menu with burgers, salads, and bowls. Jetsetting foodies can also check out Ink.sack and their veggie banh mi with barbecue tofu.

[Photo: Denver International Airport]

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wanderer35 December 15, 2015

Here we go again with assuming that it must be veggie only if it is to be healthy. Please observe that quite a few of us do not subscribe to that fad, which will eventually fade away.