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The 10 Airports People Dislike the Most

Going to the airport may be improving as airports strive to increase customer satisfaction. A JD Power report found that airports in America are improving in quality, with Orlando International ranking the highest in the nation as airports in other major cities, on both coasts, are on the bottom of the list.

According to a report by JD Power, people are liking airports more. Part of the reason is airports finding solutions to keep travelers happy even through construction and increased crowds.

Much of the improved satisfaction comes from technology advancements that airports have put into practice, like finding a parking spot, providing therapy dogs (and even a pig), and other efforts to help reduce the stress and discomfort of traveling.

The study found that customers are seeing improvements in shorter lines and better staffing at security checkpoints as well as better interactions during other airport experiences such as check-in, baggage claim and dining and shopping.

To create the rankings, the study took into account the following factors, in order of importance: 1) terminal facilities,  2) airport accessibility, 3) security check, 4) baggage claim, 5) check-in/baggage check, and 6) food, beverage, and retail.

The mega-airport that ranked the highest in terms of customer satisfaction was Orlando, followed in second and third place by Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County and Las Vegas’ McCarron International.

John Wayne Airport in Orange County ranked highly for a large airport while Sacramento International ranked as best for a medium sized airport.

At the other end of the spectrum were the airports that people dislike the most. They include those that serve large metro areas in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, and Chicago.

Many of these airports are struggling to find creative solutions to help improve customer satisfaction, even as they go through major construction efforts that disrupt travelers, according to JD Power. On the plus side, once the construction is finished, these airports should rank higher as many of the changes they are going through include ways to improve passenger experiences.

Here’s the list in its entirety:

10. Lambert-St. Louis International Airport: 738 points

9. Logan International Airport (MA): 733 points

7. Honolulu International Airport: 727 points (Tie)

7. John F. Kennedy International Airport (NY): 727 points. (Tie)

6. Chicago O’Hare International Airport: 723 points

5. Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport: 720 points

4. Philadelphia International Airport: 715 points

3. Los Angeles International Airport: 712 points

2. Newark Liberty International Airport: 686 points

1. LaGuardia Airport (NY): 654 points

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Gigi2018 March 22, 2018

Yes, mandolino. There are far worse airports in the world than these.

mandolino February 5, 2018

Hi, Please change this clickbait headline to "The 10 USA Airports People Dislike the Most" Thanks

c502cid February 4, 2018

Orlando? Good? Huh? Maybe for once a year travelers to Disney, but horrid for business travelers for the same reason. Strollers, screaming kids, wore out parents, people with kids under 2 early boarding....

salisboss February 4, 2018

I think EWR is a great airport. I may be biased as its my home airport but as far as big airports go, it is easy to get in an out as a driver, easy to go between terminals and Terminal C is nice as far as US airports go.

anirudh666 February 4, 2018

Detroit - a city with a bad reputation also has a very nice airport with connections to Far Eastern Asia and Western Europe.