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That Drunk Hawaii Airlines Passenger Arrested in February Got His Sentence

Be careful if you’re ever drunk on a plane — depending on what you were doing during the flight, you may have to pay a fine of up to around USD $172,000, which is exactly what happened with a drunk passenger on a Hawaiian Airlines flight forced the crew to decide to reroute the plane and land somewhere else.

A passenger on Hawaiian Airlines was recently fined for behavior that forced the plane to land during the middle of the flight. Kyong Chol Kim was on the flight from Honolulu to South Korea in February when he decided to make the flight a bit of a party.

Before getting on the plane, Kim drank an entire bottle of whiskey. Once on the flight and heavily intoxicated, he began bothering his seatmate, a child. Flight attendants intervened to try and stop him but instead he lunged at the flight attendants. According to FBI Special Agent Jason White, who was there when the plane landed along with customs and border patrol and local law enforcement, Kim attempted to punch the flight attendant but was too drunk to make any physical contact.

“Alcohol was a factor,” White told USA Today when the incident occurred.

Kim’s behavior was apparently so bad that military members on the flight had to restrain him until the plane could land, which it did—back in Hawaii because the pilots were forced to turn the plane around.

On Wednesday, Kim was sentenced to a six-month stint in jail and ordered to repay the airline USD $172,000, the amount of a returning flight to Honolulu since he forced the pilots to turn around and re-land the plane in Honolulu.


[Featured Image: Wikimedia/Hakilon]

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MRM July 11, 2019

Sounds kinda cheap to me... ;)

RandyN July 9, 2019

YES!!! I hope this becomes a trend, along with airlines refusing to apologize and give refunds to passengers who behave badly.