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Teen Films TSA Agent Giving Dad a Pat-Down, Agent Gets Mad & Calls Police

A teenager got the goat of a TSA officer who objected to being filmed while giving the young man’s father a pat-down.

A TSA supervisor earned Internet infamy this week after calling the police on a 16-year-old who took cellphone video of his father’s pat-down at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY). CNET reports that the viral video begins after the teen was told not to film at the security checkpoint.

As the YouTube video picks up, the unidentified TSA officer can be heard telling a police officer: “I need this gentleman gone … I don’t care what he has seen on the Internet.”

What the teen had seen the Internet, as he explains in the video description, is that the TSA states on it’s website:

The TSA does not prohibit the public, passengers or press from photographing, videotaping or filming at security checkpoints, as long as the screening process is not interfered with or slowed down.

Throughout the video, the teen repeatedly tells the TSA officer what the agency’s website says and defends his right to film. The teen’s father, who is isolated in the pat-down area, can be heard telling officers that the intrepid videographer is his son and urging the teen to “just walk away.”

The TSA officer manages to maintain professional demeanor in the face of what seems to be intentional provocation, finishing the pat-down and even adding a sincere sounding, “Have a nice day.”

The teenage-vigilante-cameraman, however, isn’t quite finished. Father and son each take an opportunity to tell the TSA officer that they “don’t appreciate the disrespect” they’d been shown, to which the officer replies: “You respect this badge right here.”

Since the video was uploaded on July 21, it’s been viewed nearly 800,000 times. A TSA representative told CNET the agency is aware of the incident and is reviewing the matter.

[Video: Apple Lucas, YouTube]

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flyerCO September 15, 2015

Sad that certain people don't understand that when you give up rights, there's a tendency for other rights to go out the door also. In public there's no expectation of privacy and thus recording is perfectly legal. If you don't want to be recorded, then don't go out in public. Fly private, if you can't afford it, then guess what, you live with the fact you can be recorded.

cestmoi123 August 3, 2015

"So the kid has no respect,what happens when next time he refuses to stop filming someone and he gets his phone snatched and his mouth busted?" Then the person he was filming would be guilty of several crimes, which the police and DA should investigate and work to punish. If you're in a public place, people have the right to film you. You don't have the right to assault them. Really simple.

Cupart August 3, 2015

And to add to this, the folks working at Security hears so much bollox every single day from idiot PAX that in this case the TRS emp did the right thing...

CarolinaCoopers August 2, 2015

So the kid has no respect,what happens when next time he refuses to stop filming someone and he gets his phone snatched and his mouth busted? From the replies here,he will probably go whining to the badge/attorney .. SMH at the morons in 'Murica

skywalkerLAX August 2, 2015

Obtaining a licence to use a cellphone or video camera? Certain people are really under the influence of something...