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Tasty New AirGrub App Lets Travelers Order Food on the Go

No time for food? No problem. Thanks to AirGrub, passengers in SFO and BOS need never go hungry again.

Help is now at hand for harried, hungry travelers! Thanks to a new app, your next meal at the airport could be just a few swipes away.

AirGrub – currently available to those passing through San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and Boston’s Logan International Airport (BOS) – allows travelers to order and pay for food from the eateries that are located within their assigned terminal.

To use this app, travelers must first input their flight details and choose where they would like to pick up their food. Based on the location of a passenger’s gate, the app then generates a list of restaurants in their terminal. Travelers can then browse menus and order meals without standing in line. There is no markup on restaurant ordering prices when using the app.

airgrub app (photo: airgrub)

Upon placing an order, app users must then head to their chosen restaurant and look for the orange “AirGrub Pick-Up” sign. To retrieve their order, users need only flash their boarding pass or employee badge.

AirGrub is free to download through the App Store and Google Play. While it’s meant to help get food into the bellies of travelers ultra fast, AirGrub also advises that, should time really be an issue, it is possible for passengers to cancel their order.

Speaking of the inspiration behind the app in a blog post, the company said, “We all need to eat and we need to sleep. We book hotels when we travel, why not book food?”

Although the app is only utilized for SFO and BOS, AirGrub plans to expand the service to additional airports later this year.

[Photos: AirGrub]

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