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Task Force: New TSA Policy Bad for Trans People

Transportation Security Officer (TSO), Steve Chao, reviews baggage at Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD).

A new policy has been finalized by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration that the National LGBTQ Task Force believes “codifies discrimination against transgender people.” Under the inspection policy, the TSA will continue to widely use body-scanning technology that requires TSA employees to identify passengers by their perceived gender by selecting either a pink or blue button, according to a press release by the Task Force. This means that transgender and gender-nonconforming travelers will frequently have to undergo intrusive examinations such as pat-downs and inspection of chests and genital areas.

“TSA needs to institute screening algorithms in their scanners that are universal instead of relying on stereotypical notions of what a person of one gender or another must look like,” said Victoria Rodriguez-Roldan, trans/gender-nonconforming project director of the Task Force. “We will continue pushing TSA to implement policies that ensures the dignity, safety, and respect of each traveler, including transgender people.”

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[Photo: TSA]


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Schmurrr March 10, 2016

Does "special snowflake" mean "narcissist"? If the screening technology can't distinguish genitalia from contraband without someone pushing a blue or pink button, methinks the screening technology is not suitable for use.

burbanite March 9, 2016

You can't change the number of chromosomes you have so you are what you are born no matter what you identify yourself as. Is there no end to the pity party? Walk through the machine and get on your plane like the rest of us special snowflakes.