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Tasered Passenger: “Park My Car, Then Check Me In”

A woman was tasered after causing a security breach at Orlando International Airport (MCO) last week. Angela McNaughton became violent towards staff who tried to stop her after she entered a secure area at the facility. This incident comes days after a TSA agent died in an apparent suicide at MCO.

A woman was tasered after entering a secure area at Orlando International Airport (MCO), reports Orlando-based ABC affiliate WFTV. The incident occurred last Wednesday, when Angela McNaughton drove up to MCO in her truck and reportedly demanded that staff check her in for a flight and park her vehicle.

She was then informed by a member of staff that they were unable to locate her reservation. In response to this, McNaughton then demanded that the truck be towed and entered the interior of MCO. Inside the facility, she approached a designated crew member entrance at the airport’s eastern security checkpoint.

A Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent attempted to stop McNaughton, who replied that she “knew her rights”. At this point, it is also reported that the woman shoved the agent away. Footage of McNaughton also shows a knife either coming out of her jacket or being thrown at the checkpoint.

Continuing onward toward the airport’s train transit terminals, McNaughton continued to be pursued by airport staff, who had been alerted to her presence by the TSA agent she had initially shoved.

McNaughton allegedly swore and yelled at her pursuers, who attempted to physically restrain her. She also reportedly hit one officer before eventually being restrained and tasered.

Upon searching her person, officers found cannabis and a military ID. McNaughton has been charged with battery and possession of cannabis, among other offenses.

This incident comes only days after a TSA agent jumped from an interior balcony at MCO in an apparent suicide.

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jeffwingo March 13, 2019

I find that the mention of the TSA suicide to be absolutely irrelevant to the story. There is no connection to this ladies actions or to the TSA's handling of it other than the two incidents happened at the same airport but as far as I can tell, the TSA and Airport security responded the same whether the suicide incident had occurred or not.

Cthunder86 February 14, 2019

Not surprised this happened in Florida


@CaliforniaSteve - crack is whack :)

CaliforniaSteve February 12, 2019

I’m willing to bet that a tox screen will find a variety of pharmaceutical products in her blood stream (other than cannabis). There might even be some traces of the grape in her system as well.