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Survey Says Sex Is Better in Hotels Than at Home

Want to have a better sex life? Then get a room, a new hotel study says.

HotelTonight, a mobile app that allows users to book last-minute hotel rooms, recently released a survey showing whether travelers consider themselves better lovers in hotel rooms rather than at home. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many people do.

The survey collected information from hotel guests in eleven countries around the world who had gotten intimate in hotel rooms in the last three years. Questions covered a range of topics, including if travelers thought their partners were better lovers in hotels, too, and whether the lovemaking is longer, more adventurous, or more frequent.

Mexicans, you’re in luck—according to the survey, 72 percent of lovemaking sessions for Mexico nationals lasted nearly an hour more than normal, and 75 percent said that intimate times were more adventurous than at home. Sadly for Germans, though, only 14 percent of those surveyed believed they were better in the hotel sack. Across the board, sex sessions were longer and more frequent. Overall, the survey showed every country’s participants thought intimacy is better in a hotel because of new and exciting surroundings.

“As our survey reveals, staying in a hotel room provides you and your partner with exciting new surroundings that can help you relax and get in the mood,” said Tomas Mendoza, U.K. country manager of HotelTonight, the Daily Mail reported. “While some of the research findings play up to the stereotypes, others fly in the face of them. Regardless of where you are in the world, a stay in a hotel is all it takes to spice things up.”

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pdsales December 1, 2015

To quote Rodney Dangerfield, "My wife likes to talk dirty to me during sex. So sometimes she calls me." How many of these hotel trysts involve unfamiliar partners? I'm just sayin.....

KoKoBuddy November 29, 2015

An hour longer? Daaaayum!

Doc Savage November 28, 2015