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Survey Finds Support for an Airline Passenger Dress Code

A recently published poll of airline passengers by the travel site AirFareWatchdog claims that most flyers believe that today’s travel attire has become just a bit too casual.

If there is one thing frequent flyers have strong opinions about, it is the behavior of fellow passengers. The results of an AirFareWatchDog survey detailed in the Los Angeles Times appear to show that those options extend to how other passengers choose to dress.

The poll of just over 2,000 flyers found that nearly 60 percent of those surveyed believe airlines are justified in removing passengers from a flight for being dressed inappropriately. Just 34 percent of respondents said that airlines should not concern themselves with a passenger’s sometimes-questionable fashion choices.

In cases like JetBlue’s well-publicized feud with a burlesque performer named Maggie McMuffin or the University of Mexico football player who was removed from a US Airways flight and arrested because of his baggy pants, the line can be somewhat blurry between questions of airline policy and issues of public decency. The AirFareWatchDog blog advises that when it comes to making appropriate wardrobe choices for a flight, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

“Know what’s appropriate to wear where you’re going, whether that means dressing more modestly than you normally would, or upping your outfit game from your usual workout wear,” the blog recommends. “Tailoring your wardrobe to suit the destination shows respect.”

After all, even Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong was once booted off of a Southwest Airlines flight for dressing a touch too rock-and-roll. It seems the lead singer’s pants rode much too low for comfort in the opinion of the flight crew.

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RSSrsvp August 14, 2016

Over 25 years ago I decided to dress as comfortably as possible unless I was headed directly to a business meeting straight from arriving at the airport. I used to love seeing the expressions on a passenger in the F cabin when I sat down next to them wearing a pair of jeans or sweat pants and a T shirt or hoodie. :) Today it is becoming the norm and less is more!

FlyingWithers August 13, 2016

Boy am I READY FOR THIS. I AM A GUY, AND I CAN NO LONGER STAND FAT GUYS WITH HAIRY LEGS FLYING in First Class. Or in Y. Do these guys not have mothers and wives to say, S T O P T H A T!!!

AAJetMan August 13, 2016

that photo was nice bait! Geez...thought I was gonna have to trade in my sweatpants for suit and tie to fly first class!

skipaway August 13, 2016

What I love is the photo and the flight attendant's uniform. Do any of you remember this? I proudly wore it back in the late 60s,when I was a "hostess" for TWA (wasn't so proud of the paper dress thing...) Comfort rules, just cover up the private parts and don't smell bad.

Jane42 August 12, 2016

I tend to get claustrophobic, so I wear the least constricting clothing I can find. It usually consists of somewhat loose fitting knit pants, a nice but loose top and flats. Am I magazine ready??? Uhmmm, no....I am about to be squished into a seat next to someone who is usually going to be leaning into my space for the next 5 - 6 hours. I am clean and do not bring stinky food onto the plane...that should be good enough.