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“Suitsy” Allows Business Travelers to Fly in Comfort & Arrive in Style


Combining comfort and style, a crowd-funded adult onesie has the potential to smarten up business travel.

It is the fashion conundrum faced by every business traveler: how to fly in comfort and arrive in style.

The efforts of one man, however, could put an end to travelers’ wardrobe woes. San Francisco real estate developer Jesse Herzog has invented the Suitsy, a garment in which the jacket, shirt and pants are interconnected to make a single piece of clothing.

“The idea came from sitting at my desk at work and just thinking, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to look professional but feel as comfortable as I am on my couch at home?’” Herzog explained in an interview with Yahoo Travel.

Following notable media exposure, Herzog’s design was launched on the fashion crowd-funding site Betabrand. If enough orders are placed before November 13, Betabrand will begin producing Suitsies en masse. Ladies take note: For now, there isn’t a Suitsy for women.


Herzog believes his product is an easy sell; it’s comfortable to wear and, with a hidden zipper down the back, the Suitsy slips on and off like a jumpsuit.

Additionally, the garment is made of wrinkle-resistant fabric, packs easily and travels well. Herzog also insists that no one call tell the difference between his Suitsy and a conventional suit, yet he is careful to address the potential pitfalls of his product. When asked about any awkwardness that Suitsy wearers may face at airport security, Herzog said TSA officials didn’t mind the Suitsy once he explained it to them.

The final attraction, Herzog believes, is the price. At the time of publication, a Suitsy was available for $302.40 — a fraction of the cost of a conventional suit, Herzog noted, and a small price to pay for comfort and style while traveling.

[Photos: Betabrand]

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Doc Savage October 27, 2014

Sorry, I don't have the requisite scruffy beard (see picture above).

FLYMSY October 27, 2014

It'll be interesting when going to the lav.

nlkm9 October 27, 2014

Doc, youre going to model for us, right??:)

Doc Savage October 27, 2014