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Suffering From Jetlag? Try This!

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Online calculator helps travelers manage jetlag through diet.

Flyers planning a trip across time zones now have a new tool available to help them mitigate the effects of jetlag as they travel. A new online tool created by FlyGirl helps travelers create a plan for jetlag before they step foot in an airport.

The tool works by calculating the difference between a travelers’s starting point and destination. From there, the calculator determines a 14-hour break between when flyers should eat their last meal at home and when breakfast would normally take place at their destination. The result is the time travelers should eat their next meal in order to minimize the effects of jetlag.

Authors of the jetlag tool claim the science is based around the Argonne Anti-Jet Lag Diet, which suggests the body’s circadian rhythms are based on how and when travelers eat. When travelers maintain their normal diets ahead of their cross-time zone flights, this results in a “gradually unmoored” biological clock, creating jetlag.

However, when the traveler eats ahead of their destination, research has found that it can reduce the effects of jetlag on the traveler. Among the groups using the Argonne Anti-Jet Lag Diet are the United States Army, Navy, CIA and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

While the Argonne diet requires days of preparation, the jetlag calculator simplifies the process by breaking down the diet to a 14-hour fast ahead of arrival. As a result, experts say travelers can improve their experience upon arrival at their destination. In addition, experts also recommend a number of additional preparations in advance of their travel plans, including hydrating and adjusting rest schedules.

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