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Study: Cost of Following TSA Rules Can Add Up to Big Bucks for Flyers

Passengers mostly arrive at airport security checkpoints with liquids in TSA-approved containers, but the cost of pricier travel-size toiletries can sometimes mean substantial extra expense.

For most passengers, the days of being subjected to TSA screeners confiscating liquids from carry-on baggage is a thing of the past. A study commissioned by San Francisco-based cosmetics company H2O+ Beauty finds that most travelers arrive at the airport in compliance with TSA rules for bringing liquids and gels on a plane. In fact, according to the survey’s findings, 80 percent of passengers routinely follow TSA regulations and are able to pass through screening without having to discard any items.

The new survey conducted by Morning Consult found that most passengers rely on travel-size cosmetics to easily meet TSA rules. Nearly 70 percent of travelers say they regularly spend extra cash to purchase their favorite health and beauty items in convenient travel-sized packaging. In some cases, however, the researchers found that travel-sized products can be up to  two times as expensive as standard toiletries and cosmetics.

Partially as a result of the study, the brain trust at H2O+ Beauty have started to believe that its competitors are missing a key market. The company has introduced new products that are both TSA-compliant and come in standard sizes. H2O+ Beauty says that it has developed unique delivery systems that will allow passengers to pack standard-sized products without worrying about violating TSA regulations or leakage often associated with travel-sized liquids.

“It’s clear that consumers value a variety of product packaging and sizes for travel, which presents a great opportunity for the beauty industry to capitalize on this and create products that are equally convenient at home and on the road,” H2O+ Beauty CEO Joy Chen said of the not-altogether-surprising study results. ”There’s a very real demand for our industry to take the next step and create more innovative products that take the burden off of consumers when they travel. H2O+ Beauty is proud to lead that evolution with effective products that meet TSA guidelines in standard sizes.”

The cosmetics maker already has cleanser and exfoliator that are technically solids but act like liquids when used and are therefore both TSA-compliant and leak-proof. Chen says that the company has several more full-sized yet TSA-allowed products in development.

[Photo: Rick Wilking/Reuters]

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