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Strikes on the Way for Ryanair

Strikes are potentially on the way for Ryanair over Easter, its chief executive said, as union talks devolve and the airline remains resolute against what it calls ridiculous and laughable demands from pilots that would inhibit productivity.

In December, Ryanair decided – for the first time in the airline’s history – to recognize trade unions in order to avoid strikes during Christmas. But lately, talks with some of the unions in countries outside Britain have been devolving, and Ryanair’s chief executive Michael O’Leary has already warned investors that strikes over Easter may be imminent.

“We have some jurisdictions where we are getting the kind of laughable demands for legacy-type inefficiencies,” O‘Leary told The Guardian. “Frankly we will never agree to those … If we have to take strikes or disruptions in those jurisdictions, then we will take those. But we will not under any circumstance alter or reduce our productivity.”

Last year, thousands of flights were canceled due to a shortage of pilots that O’Leary refused to admit to, instead focusing on recruitment and training efforts already underway for that year and this one.

Later this year, union recognition will allegedly extend to cabin crew as well.

Depending on strikes and unexpected terrorism activity, the airline expects an overall rise in profits for 2018. But the airline also does not plan to increase fares, instead passing capital gains on to the passengers with a 3 percent fare decrease this year. Fares for the airline have been steadily decreasing over the past three years.

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