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Stowaway Fell 3,500 Feet From Kenya Airways Jet

In a tragic turn of events, a stowaway hidden in the undercarriage of a Kenya Airways Boeing 787 jet was ejected 3,500 feet to his death onto London concrete.

The man, clad in a blue T-shirt and jeans, is yet to be identified. It is known that he snuck in the landing gear on the flight leaving from Nairobi (Jomo Kenyatta International Airport) to London Heathrow. 

The body fell on a concrete slab and astroturf lawn in the garden of a London home, where residents witnessed the incident. There was blood splatter, but largely the corpse was intact. 

One neighbor in the residence, describing the body, said: “One of the reasons his body was so intact was because his body was an ice block.”

The neighbor also added that “If it had been two seconds later, he would have landed on the common where there were hundreds of people – my kids were in the garden 15 minutes before [the body fell].

According to DailyMail, stowaways hiding in the undercarriage of planes often freeze to death from high altitude or die from a lack of oxygen. Temperatures can creep below -56C (-68F) and most often, the stowaways are not equipped for that extreme temperature change. 

After the search of the plane’s landing gear compartment, airline officials said a bag, water and a stash of food was discovered.


[Wikimedia/ Kenya Airways]

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