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Why Are Tourists Dying in the Dominican Republic?

If you’re going to the Dominican Republic, it might be worth staying away from your resort’s minibar for a while — several tourists over the last year have died after having a drink from the minibar in their rooms at multiple resorts. Dominican authorities say the deaths aren’t related, but some disagree.

Something is going on in the Dominican Republic. So far, at least four American tourists have died in their resort rooms after taking a drink from the minibar. The latest in the media is California’s Robert Bell Wallace, 67, who was staying at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino resort in Punta Cana for his stepson’s wedding. Last year at the same hotel, a Maryland man died under the same circumstances.

Four weeks after Wallace’s death, a Pennsylvania woman died after a minibar drink at the Bahia Principe La Romana, and five days later, two more tourists died in their room at the same resort.

So far, Dominican officials have claimed all the deaths were of natural causes and were unrelated, but family members of the deceased see a pattern and think something else is going on. Some have hired lawyers and expect to have additional medical exams done in the United States.

“I started seeing all these other people that were dying of the same exact causes, which made me start to second guess,” one family member told FOX News. “I no longer feel like my husband died of natural causes. We went down there as a happy family, and we came home a broken family. I came home a widow and my 12-year-old son came home fatherless.”

For now, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has confirmed it is working with Dominican authorities to see if there’s something non-natural causing the deaths.

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Sonny84 July 14, 2019

Not only US people. Less than a month a go died an Argentinean girl of 15 years old. And as far as I know a Canadian too

mvoight July 5, 2019

4 people? There are 6 MILLION tourist visits to the DR annually. 4 people have died since the first person died a year ago? How many people have died in places other than the DR similar to this scenario?

Roy Gal June 19, 2019

People have been dying on vacations for years. They eat too much, drink too much, do activities they don’t normally do at home. They have a long day and a long flight and not everyone is healthy. People die in the US, in Italy and France and pretty much anywhere on the globe.

mike313 June 17, 2019

Is it just Americans dying in DR, or are Canadians, French, and other nationalities victims too? Strange that no media have made comments on this

horseymike June 14, 2019

travelers beware. the dominican republic can be hazardous to your health.