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Starwood Temporarily Moving Headquarters to India


The hospitality chain plans to have its top executives work in India and South Asia for one month in March 2015.

Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide is relocating its headquarters, but only for one month. The company announced in a press statement on Tuesday that it will relocate its global headquarters from Stamford, Conn., to India in March 2015.

Starwood previously relocated to China in 2011 and to Dubai in 2013. During the 2015 relocation, the Starwood President and CEO Frits van Paasschen, as well as other senior leaders will work mainly out of Mumbai and Delhi.

“Global trends are revolutionizing travel. Rapidly growing markets and a more interconnected world are bringing high-end travelers to new markets like never before,” van Paasschen was quoted as saying in the press statement. “As a company with operations in over 100 countries, we at Starwood know that there is no substitute for witnessing firsthand this huge transformation.”

During the month-long immersion, Starwood executives will travel throughout India to meet with associates, customers, owners and potential developers. In addition to visiting cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Pune and Hyderabad, Starwood’s top brass will also journey to a number of South Asian destinations, including Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh.

“With South Asia as our home base, we’ll be within a five-hour flight from nearly 40 percent of our global pipeline for new hotels,” van Paasschen explained. “This includes major cities as well as some of the world’s most remote and untouched destinations. As we look at these growth markets, we will explore how we create opportunities for the thousands of people who will enter the global workforce through Starwood. We will also work to find ways for humans to coexist with nature while preserving it.”

Currently, Starwood has 40 hotels in India and plans to add another 36. By 2016, the company expects to have 100 hotels open or under development in South Asia.

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UncleDude October 7, 2014

At least they are being Frugal....India has some of the lowest StarPoints and Corporate Rates for 4 and 5 Star Hotels in The World. Around 25% compared with London.

sailingman22 October 7, 2014

Bring all the jobs back to the USA.

PHLisa October 6, 2014

Seems really smart to me. Even if it were just "an exotic vacation" it's still immersing your employees in another culture. What better way to understand your target demographic?

BostonFlyer1624 October 6, 2014

Ahhhh, the classic slap ourselves on the back and have the company pay for us to take an exotic vacation trick.