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Star Alliance Eyes Budget Carriers for Partnerships

Due to the increased popularity of no-frills airlines with consumers in recent years, Star Alliance has opened up the option for existing members to form partnerships with budget carriers.

“Many of our members and many airlines around the world are moving a lot to lower-cost platforms,” said Jeffrey Goh, Chief Executive Officer of Star Alliance. “We want to find a way of recapturing these markets offering the benefits and privileges that they used to have and enjoy. We want to use this connecting partner model.”

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RoboKopp February 9, 2018

The price differential between majors & LCC's is basically non existent. LH has left DUS and its EuroWings affiliate has taken over. Pricing is as high, if not higher than before. As they are not a Star Alliance member none of the usual perks that come with an SA status level exist. Basically no lounge access, no added checked luggage allowance, no "fast track" through security. So for me it would be welcome that the LCC's join the alliance.

wyddfa February 8, 2018

Singapore Airlines & Ryanair. Anybody noticed a difference?

Fornebufox February 8, 2018

Nothing new: AirBerlin was essentially a LCC. And aren't the majors, certain ones especially, in a race to the bottom to turn into LCCs anyway?

Bobberjet February 8, 2018

You mean besides United and their race-to-the-bottom, compete with Spirit, knock-down drag-out Basic Economy fares?

poopbunny February 8, 2018

Some existing *A airlines are budget carriers.