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Staircase to Be Trimmed on A380 for More Seats

Airbus A380 jet airliner under dark cloudy skies, in front view. (Photo: Shutterstock)

The staircases at the front of Airbus’s A380s will soon be shortened to make way for more seats. Detailed plans concerning the overhaul have yet to be released, though it is reported that 40-50 additional seats will be added in the remake. According to an interview with The Telegraph, an Airbus spokesperson said there are also other design elements and tweaks in store “that will optimise cabin space without compromising on comfort, and these will further improve the operating economics of the A380.”

For more information on this story, visit The Telegraph.

[Photo: Shutterstock]

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scooternva March 27, 2017

Or better yet, a fireman's pole. Or even better yet, dump the pole and leave a hole with a mattress on the lower deck.

cynicAAl March 25, 2017

I think a fire pole and a rock climbing wall would be nice.

amanuensis March 23, 2017

Why don't they just completely replace the stairs with a ladder? That would take up almost no space at all.

cova March 23, 2017

I have set many times sat on a Qantas A380 in the business lounge (and only person) and marveled at the fact that when I looked down the stairs - I was the only person in about the front 12 feet of space on both floors, on a plane with 500 people setting behind me.

Bear4Asian March 22, 2017

"...without compromising on comfort" Yeah right.