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Spirit Ends Week With Over 1,000 Cancellations, More Expected in Weekend

In what has been the most trying week in Spirit Airlines’ history, the carrier is preparing flyers for additional cancellations over the weekend of Aug. 6, 2021. The carrier has so far cancelled 40 percent of their flights for Friday, with the chief executive calling the situation “not our proudest moment.”

Spirit Airlines is still struggling to get flyers to their final destination, bracing ticket holders for more cancellations into the weekend of August 6, 2021. According to airline tracking website FlightAware, the discount carrier has cancelled over 300 flights on Friday, bringing their weeklong total to over 1,000 cancellations.

“This is Not Our Proudest Moment, and We Know That”

For the first time, Spirit chief executive Ted Christie is now apologizing to passengers over the meltdown. Previous updates revealed the Miramar-based airline experienced the perfect storm of issues, including weather conditions, technology problems and crew shortages. USA Today reports the continued problems are now based around getting aircraft, pilots and flight crews back in alignment with their schedule.

As a result, the carrier is bracing passengers for more canceled flights heading into the week of Aug. 9, 2021. Their goal is to be able to get back to flying the majority of their schedule by the middle of the next week. Until then, the carrier is responsible for a number of passenger incidental costs – including hotel rooms and possibly rebooking flyers on other airlines. Some report getting a $50 voucher towards a future flight for the inconvenience.

“We’ve worked hard really over the last five years at both building Spirit and building its reputation,’’ Christie told USA Today “I think we’re made tremendous strides. This is not our proudest moment and we know that.’’

FlyerTalk reached out to Spirit for an update on the carrier’s situation but has not heard back as of press time.

Spirit Remains Only Carrier with Severe Network Disruptions

While storms over the weekend of July 30, 2021 forced other carriers to cancel flights, Spirit is the only one catching up from the problems. Currently, American Airlines is only reporting 37 cancellations across their network, while Delta Air Lines and United Airlines have only grounded 10 flights.

honr September 24, 2021

Any update on current status in general on cancellations.?

CPRich August 11, 2021

“I feel sorry for the airline and the passenger.” I feel absolutely no sympathy for a company that has chosen, for many years, to not invest in what a real airline needs to operate. This is like ignoring your 30-year old roof and than claiming “woe is me” when it leaks at the next big storm.

kkua August 9, 2021

I’m a serious believer in getting what you pay for. Cheap flights will equate to cheap service. If you cannot afford to fly, then don’t even attempt using Spirit. All their hidden unbundled costs will add up. Fly a real airline and this airline will not make headlines.

dano45 August 8, 2021

Some journalist should do a quick financial analysis of this airline to seek the proof that the airline is circling the drain.

OnePatriot77 August 6, 2021

The COVID-19 vaccines are still experimental. United and other employers have no business mandating employees take an experimental vaccine. Personal medical decisions should be made by individuals not employers. Our government tells us these vaccines are "safe". However they don't tell us about the thousands that have died due to the vaccines. Jummai Nache, from Minneapolis lost both legs and hands due to the vaccine. From a numbers standpoint, perhaps our government dismisses her as being collateral damage.