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Spirit Airlines Passenger’s In-Flight Meltdown Caught on Camera

A video of a Spirit Airlines passenger throwing a fit because a flight attendant ignored a request for two empty plastic cups is quickly becoming a viral hit on social media.

A Spirit Airlines passenger’s over-the-top mid-flight rant after being denied a request for two empty cups, is getting new life thanks to the internet. A video showing the now famous incident has surfaced graphically detailing the absurdity of the inconsolable passenger’s altercation with the cabin crew and fellow passengers.

According to the Daily Mail, the events in question occurred on a flight from Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI) to Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL). The date on which the video was taken is unclear, but the newspaper points out that the Spirit Airlines logo in view on the bulkhead of the aircraft has not been in use for more than two years.

A steady stream of angry one-liners and bizarre turns of phrase are helping the “Two Plastic Cups” video become required viewing, gaining more and more dedicated followers everyday. As the cringe-worthy two-minute video grows in popularity, a once-anonymous and very agitated Spirit Airlines passenger is earning newfound fame.

By the time the camera-wielding passenger starts filming, the agitated passenger has already made her way to the galley and is demanding the two cups that she had apparently requested earlier. As the flight attendant urges the passenger to allow her to prepare the cabin for landing, the woman would not be dissuaded and continues to repeat the phrase “two plastic cups” in a seemingly endless loop.

“You need to sit down,” the flight attendant can be heard imploring. “The seat belt sign is on. Right now.” The flight attendant again attempts to order the woman to return to her seat using the public address system, but is again unsuccessful.

“This is all about two plastic cups,” the passenger insisted, holding her ground. “I asked you nicely for two cups.”

In this case, it may be the fellow passengers who are the stars of the passenger-shaming production. “I’ll buy you two f***ing cups,” a woman can be heard shouting from off-camera. “Just sit down.” Another flyer demands, “For God’s sake, c’mon [the crew] are trying to land a plane.” Yet another flyer earned laughs and scattered applause imploring the plastic cup starved woman, “For Christ’s sake, lady, sit in your f***ing seat.”

The out-of-control passenger had a few choice words for her fellow travelers as well, threatening one passenger with “I’m gonna wait for you.” Before she turned her attention back to the pressing matter of two plastic cups, she took a moment to chastise the cabin, “You don’t have to be disrespectful. I didn’t ask you all to talk about anything.”

[Photo: Terry Maxon/Dallas Morning News]

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