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Southwest Unveils New Employee Uniforms

New Southwest employee uniforms are on the way, hallmarking other passenger-facing changes.

Flyers aboard Southwest Airlines can expect to see a number of changes coming to the passenger experience over the next year. At an event hosted by the airline, Southwest announced several customer-facing changes, including a new uniform for over 80 percent of the low-cost carrier’s workforce.

The proposed new uniforms for women consist of a knee-length dress and an accent scarf reflecting the company’s color palette. The new look is currently being wear tested by select employees. Depending on the feedback from the test, some changes could be made to the uniforms before they are fully rolled out sometime next year. The estimated cost of replacing all employee uniforms is $23 million.

In addition to new uniforms, Southwest also used Thursday’s event to highlight a number of changes it’s making. New Boeing 737-Max aircraft set to join the Southwest fleet in 2016 will feature a seat pitch of 32 inches, with a seat width of 17.8 inches. The pitch and width of these economy seats will be larger than any offered by other American airlines.

“Rather than squeeze in another row of seats, our desire is to make more comfortable seats for our customers,” said Southwest CCO Bob Jordan.

The airline says it will also upgrade its beverage choices for flyers in the near future. Along with the standard airline fare, Southwest will offer flyers a variety of mixed drinks and craft beers, including offerings from Leinenkugel’s Brewery.

These changes reflect a larger trend of brand refreshment at Southwest. In 2014, the airline announced a widespread livery overhaul, dumping the primarily red fuselages in favor of a bold blue livery.

[Photo: Dallas Morning News]

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Dianne47 October 12, 2015

After further googling, looks like the hot pants uniform is a historical artifact, the picture showing old vs. new. I stand by my comment on how ugly an orange uniform is, no matter what the style.

Dianne47 October 12, 2015

This is a joke, right? No one looks good in orange and the hot pants look is a throw back to an ugly era of fashion history. What a waste of $23M.