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Southwest Sends LUV Letters, Apologizes for Poor Performance


Southwest Airlines sent letters to its frequent flyers, acknowledging poor on-time performance and assuring customers it would do better.

In an unprecedented initiation of customer relations, Southwest Airlines recently sent a letters to its “most engaged” travelers, apologizing for its failing operations and promising to perform better.

In an email to FlyerTalk, Southwest spokeswoman Thais Conway said the motivation for reaching out to customers came after determining that its on-time performance was “not at a level acceptable” to the airline or its customers in Winter 2014 and Summer 2015

Conway explained the letter was penned by Teresa Laraba, Southwest’s senior vice president for customers, and sent to the carrier’s most frequent flyers, as well as to those who experienced multiple lengthy delays.

“We know the operating environment has been difficult, and Southwest’s on-time reliability has oftentimes suffered as a result,” a portion of the letter read, going on to note the carrier has a “laser focus on improving to ensure your continued loyalty.”

Larada explained some of the measures Southwest has taken to improve operations, such as extending plane turn times at the gate and making sure the first flights of the day takeoff on time to prevent additional delays, as reported by the Dallas Business Journal.

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starflyer October 19, 2014

Here's an idea that might bring back more business travelers to Southwest. Remove a row or two of seats so that planes can board and turn faster, and so that people have room for their knees and legs.