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Southwest Offers A-List Status Buy-Up

Flyers can purchase up to 15,000 tier-qualifying points to hit elite status for 2018

Flyers who are a little short on Southwest Airlines A-List tier-qualifying points have the opportunity to buy their way towards elite status – but only if they are willing to pay a high price. FlyersTalkers discovered the low-cost carrier is once again offering miles for sale to reach Rapid Rewards loyalty program elite status for a limited time.

Flyers can buy up to 15,000 tier-qualifying points (TQPs), in increments of 2,500 Rapid Rewards points to move up to the first tier. Prices range from $350 for 2,500 tier-qualifying Rapid Rewards points, all the way up to $1,199 for 15,000 TQPs.

Rapid Rewards A-List members can access priority check-in and security lanes while flying, as well as receive priority boarding, free same-day standby, and 25 percent more points for flying. The buy-up option is only available to move up to A-List status – the points cannot be applied to A-List Preferred or Companion Pass tiers, and the points are not redeemable for award.

The program does not appear to be targeted, meaning anyone who wishes to spend their way to elite status can purchase the points at the Southwest website. However, at the rate Southwest is offering TQPs, the elite-only points are valued between 13 and 14 cents each.

Although Southwest has only offered the buy-up program over the past three years, it’s not uncommon for airlines to offer frequent flyers opportunities to purchase their way to elite status. In the past, American Airlines and Delta Air Lines offered opportunities to purchase miles to get to the next tier by the end of the year.

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