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Southwest Flight Boots Family After Falsely Claiming Child Had Lice

Chicago, Illinois, USA - May 21, 2013: Southwest Airlines aircraft on the move with the Chicago skyline in the background.

On Friday, a Disneyland-bound family was booted from a Southwest Airlines flight after a flight attendant allegedly mistook a child’s mother picking dry skin off of her child’s scalp to be indicative of a lice infestation.

“My daughter is hysterical because she thinks this is her fault that she’s not going to Disneyland,” said the child’s mother.

Southwest Airlines is allegedly in contact with the family in order to resolve the issue.

To read more on this story, go to Daily Mail.

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chavala January 4, 2018

She was "JUST" picking dead skin off is head???? Gross.

weero January 3, 2018

The lice theory isn't implausible at all - I applaud the crew for putting the safety of the passengers over the quirks of one family. If on a plane, don't do silly, disgusting, and unusual things. Take your seat and read or watch something like 98% of all the other passengers.

dogcanyon January 3, 2018

While it's sad that a child did not get to go to Disneyland, come on, how low rent do you have to be to not realize that picking things out of somebody's hair in public is something that your fellow passengers definitely don't want to see? I would not want to sit anywhere near these people.