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Some Disney Hotels Will Change “Do Not Disturb” Signs to “Room Occupied”

Closed door of hotel room with please do not disturb sign

According to a spokesperson, several Disney-branded hotels, including the Contemporary Resort, the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa and the Polynesian Village Resort will begin replacing door-hangers reading “Do Not Disturb” with replacements reading “Room Occupied.” This semantic change coincides with hotel employees’ ability to enter rooms every day of guests’ stays, and it is speculated that last year’s mass shooting in Las Vegas was an influence on this change.

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mvoight April 23, 2018

I was at Sam's Town in Las Vegas recently and was told the "Do not disturb" would not prevent someone from checking the room if the sign was there more than one consecutive night, due to the shooting last fall

respawn January 11, 2018

Indeed. As somebody who heavily values his privacy and who generally travels with lots of expensive electronics, I'm not a fan of hotel staff being allowed to enter the room at any time.

strickerj January 11, 2018

“Room occupied” doesn’t really make sense since the rooms without the placard aren’t necessarily unoccupied, and the staff knows which rooms are occupied anyway. Something like “service declined” would be more appropriate since that means not to come in unless there’s a reason other than providing housekeeping service. Really, though, this is an overreaction to an extremely unlikely issue. I’d prefer to avoid a hotel that doesn’t respect the “do not disturb” request.

chx1975 January 10, 2018

I like to sleep at odd hours and if hotel employees disregard the "please let me sleep" placard, well, there's airbnb and the hotel industry can go... itself.