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“Sodomite” Written on Delta Passenger’s Rainbow Luggage Tag

Discrimination is alive and thriving, sometimes when you’re least expecting it; one passenger flying on Delta had “sodomite” written on her rainbow-colored baggage tag sometime between when she checked it and when she picked it up — the Transportation Security Administration says it’s looking into it.

Delta Air Lines passenger Renee Gerrish recently took to social media to call out the airline for bigotry that happened during one of her flights. When she picked up her bags, someone had written “sodomite” on her rainbow luggage tag in permanent marker.

“Someone at Delta Air Lines baggage handling took it upon themselves to write ‘sodomite” on my [rainbow] luggage tag,” Gerrish tweeted, reported by Newsweek. She further called it “bigotry, hate speech and destruction of personal property.”

“I want this shared,” she tweeted, reported by Newsweek. “and on behalf of the LGBTQ+ community, I will not go quietly.

The TSA tweeted to Gerrish, saying they’re looking into the incident, and “The majority of checked bags are screened w/o physical inspection by automated bag screening systems. If we must open a bag for add’l screening, we’re required to leave a notice of inspection.” Delta plans to reach out to her for more information on Monday.

“I’m deeply hurt and offended that someone felt the entitlement to ruin and tamper with personal property with hate speech,” Gerrish told LGBTQ Nation, reported by Newsweek. “I wear LGBTQ+ support clothing and accessories regularly. As a girl, I love rainbows, but as a symbol of love and support for the community, that means everything to me. I don’t care if someone thinks I’m gay because of choices in rainbow accessories.”

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Irpworks November 7, 2019

Funny how when people advertise something about themselves they are offended when others notice the message. The insult was uncalled for and rude but it's not exactly polite to do things that advertise one's sexuality. Should all lotharios be praised and exempt from judgment while tagging all with a gold chain and medallion?

J S November 1, 2019

@cynicAAI and @fleur_de_lys: Those comments are both offensive.

ChrisJBrady September 26, 2019

In London Heathrow my suitcase was well strapped up with one of those ubiquitous rainbow nylon straps. It was firmly tied up. When we got to Sydney Mascot and the luggage appeared on the arrivals belt the strap had been removed and the case rifled through.

fleur_de_lys September 26, 2019

cynicAAI Can lesbians even be sodomites? Since you asked.....It's called pegging (using a strap on)

cynicAAl September 26, 2019

Can lesbians even be sodomites ?