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A Flight Attendant Hit the Ceiling. I’m Never Leaving My Seat Belt Unbuckled Again

A recent flight was hit by a painful spate of turbulence that left a number of passengers and crew members injured; a passenger on the flight recorded the incident and shared it on social media, documenting the moment when a flight attendant flew up from the aisle and hit the ceiling of the economy cabin.

Passengers and crew on a recent ALK Airlines flight from Pristina, Kosovo, to EuroAirport in France had a bit of a scary situation when turbulence hit in the last 30 minutes of the flight. The extreme bout of turbulence left ten people injured.

One passenger recorded some of the worst of it, when turbulence hit and a flight attendant and her drink cart careened up and hit the roof of the economy cabin, and then posted the video on social media.

“People started screaming and crying,” the passenger told FOX News. “A flight attendant slammed her trolley on the ceiling. Cups flew around, some were scalded by hot water.”

In the short video, another passenger can be seen right after the incident, soaked with drinks from the cart and praying. Ambulances were waiting for the plane when it arrived. Ten people were transferred to a nearby hospital in Basel, Switzerland, with minor injuries, though passengers say some sustained more serious injuries.

The flight was delayed for an hour as a result of the turbulence. According to a statement by ALK and reported by FOX News, the turbulence was caused by a height drop and strong downward impulse. The seatbelt sign was reportedly on at the time.


[Featured Image: Video Screenshot]

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nearlysober June 21, 2019

I always stay buckled in unless I'm up to use the lav for this exact reason... major turbulence isn't always preceded by minor turbulence. This is also why I hate when people linger in the aisle, stop to chat standing next to someone they know for a long time. It's like, "Buddy, you may not care if you hit the ceiling, but I don't want to be hit by YOU when you turn into a 225 pound meat torpedo."