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So, A Man Chased His Wife Through the Airport With A Fake Bomb

Divorce and custody battles can lead people to do some pretty drastic and strange things — like chasing their estranged wife and children through an Australian airport while simultaneously threatening to blow up the airport and stab themselves. And this is exactly what one man did in February this year.

Back in February, an Egyptian man got in big trouble at Brisbane Airport in Australia. He was in the process of a divorce and custody battle, but just couldn’t let his wife and kids go. Instead of letting them get on a plane without incident, 50-year-old Gamal Elsaied Elboushi followed them to the airport.

That already raises red flags, but what happened next is even worse. Elboushi apparently brought with him a knife and a homemade fake bomb. He chased his estranged wife through the airport, eventually confronting her. He told her that if she didn’t let him take the kids to Egpyt, he was going to stab himself. When airport police arrived, he claimed he’d detonate the bomb if they came closer. He also begged them to shoot him.

One officer spoke Arabic and was able to talk Elboushi through the situation, but now he’s in jail without bail. According to Boarding Area, he’s facing several charges:

  • Stealing a number plate from a government vehicle (there’s no more information on this charge that could explain it)
  • Assault of a police officer
  • Falsely making bomb threats
  • Stalking

The judge who sentenced him called Elboushi an “unacceptable risk” and said he was staying in jail without bail because it “would restrain his feeling of narcissistic self-entitlement.”


[Featured Image: Diimex]

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