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Slingbox. The Gift of TV Anywhere. (Sponsored)


It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year again. Family, friends, parties, and … gifts. You’ve been all around the world this year, but you still have those impossible-to-shop-for people left on your list. Look no further — Slingbox is the gift for them. Slingbox will give your friends and loved ones access to all of their live channels, On Demand programming, and DVR content, on their phone, tablet or laptop.

Here are the top 5 people on your list to get a Slingbox for:

1. The Sports Fan

Maybe it’s your spouse, parent, or best friend — we all have sports lovers in our lives. The person who watches every game, every recap, everyday. Getting them a Slingbox gives them the power to take their games with them. No restrictions. No blackouts.

2. The TV Lover

You know that person who is constantly spoiling every TV show, because they’ve watched every TV show? This is their dream gift. The power to watch all their shows live, or catch up on their recorded shows. They can even use it with their Roku, Chomecast, or Apple TV.

3. The Friend with Kids

Give your friends and family the gift of silence this Holiday season. Children are a blessing, but sometimes cartoons are the real blessing. Slingbox gives them access to hundreds of kid’s shows on their phone, tablet, or laptop. It will be a happy holiday indeed.

4. The Expat

They might not be “home” for the holidays this season, but you can bring it to them. Slingbox makes it simple. All they need to do is have someone in their hometown hook up a Slingbox to a local TV. From there, they can get all their local shows, news, and sports teams no matter where they are in the world.

5. Yourself

We know, you’re supposed to be buying gifts for others this season. But remember those terrible socks you got last year? You deserve to treat yourself. What better way than with a Slingbox. You’re a jetsetter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a little bit of home with you on your travels.

So give the gift of Slingbox this holiday season. It’s the gift your friends and family will be able to use all year round. Slingbox will let them access all of their channels without any restrictions or blackouts, and there are absolutely no monthly fees. Purchase one today at www.slingbox.com and receive free shipping for a limited time.

If it’s on your TV, it’s on.