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SkyWest Looks Into Flight Delay Caused by Arguing Attendants

SkyWest Airlines is investigating what caused two flight attendants to get into an argument, resulting in a two-hour delay for a flight operated as American Eagle.
It’s natural for co-workers to disagree from time to time. But it’s very unusual for an argument about policy to cause a two-hour flight delay.


NBC News reports the regional airline is looking into the incident after it was informally documented online by an ESPN reporter.


Argument Started Over Seat Switching Policies

ESPN “SportsCenter” reporter and anchor Ashley Brewer was a passenger aboard American Airlines Flight 4680, departing Los Angeles for Houston. What was supposed to be a routine flight ended up getting pushed back when two attendants got into an argument.



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According to Brewer’s account, the two began arguing when a passenger seated in first class asked if she could switch with a passenger in the economy cabin so she could sit next to her husband. The male flight attendant agreed to making the change, while a female flight attendant claimed it was against policy.


The discussion allegedly turned into a full argument, which led to the two employees refusing to work with each other. Brewer said in a video posted to TikTok she approached the female attendant to check if she was okay, to which the employee reportedly stated: “I’m not flying with him.”



Brewer’s description went on to say that both the pilots and other employees tried to intervene to get the flight moving. Instead, both were removed off the aircraft, and Brewer claimed it took nearly two hours to get another crew for the flight. However, data from FlightAware suggests the delay was closer to one hour.


In a statement to NBC News, SkyWest acknowledged the incident, and apologized to those flyers affected by the incident. For Brewer, she said the flight cut off two hours from her 24-hour visit with her fiancée in Houston.

J0lt_C0la March 17, 2023

I bet the reason that "data from FlightAware suggests the delay was closer to one hour" was that there was padding built into the official take off time (so the flight would have been "early" if the incident hadn't happened), and that people on the plane really did get delayed longer.

savagerider March 16, 2023

The formal policy is that if someone wishes to vacate the first class seat, that seat must be offered to the next person on the first class upgrade list. Under this policy, there are actually three passengers involved in this type of swap. The way around this is to make the two-person switch privately and don't ask permission.