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SimpliFlying’s CEO Considers 70 Ways That Passenger Journeys May Change After the Coronavirus

What will flying look like in 2021? Aviation marketing consultancy SimpliFlying recently released a report called “The Rise of Sanitized Travel” that details over 70 different areas in the passenger journey that they predict will change or be introduced to the air travel experience after the COVID-19 epidemic is over.
Says SimpliFlying CEO Shashank Nigam, “9/11 changed travel completely with added security checks and longer check-in times. The impact of COVID-19 on air travel will be even more far-reaching when it comes to sanitation and cleanliness. Just like when security checks were introduced, there will be two distinct audiences airlines will need to convince: Authorities and the traveling public.
“Getting large numbers of people flying again will depend on giving them the peace of mind that they won’t be rubbing shoulders – or bumping elbows in Economy – with infectious fellow travelers. In addition, Government authorities and airport operators will want to know that airlines adhere to a certain standard of cleanliness and hygiene before offering up landing slots. Enhanced cleaning regimes could spell the end of the 30-minute turnaround, upon which many low-cost carriers base much of their business model.”
Check out their conclusions in this infographic here:
PondHops May 7, 2020

Is this a full lifetime employment scheme for the TSA and all other aviation authorities? Before indulging in what appears to be massive overkill, could someone please study every known case of Covid-stricken airplane passengers to understand how their seat mates, cabin mates and plain mates fared? Did Covid crawl out of their suitcases and infect all other suitcases? Did everyone on the plane come down with it? Or just people within a 2M radius? Or 4M? Considering that none of the early victims who traveled were wearing masks or gloves, which are reasonable precautions, I suspect we'll find that viral load is minimal outside a short 6-9' radius. And that no one's luggage infected anyone. Airlines should provide N95 masks to every passenger and require that they use them, mist luggage and hand luggage, and take temperatures. But holding passengers for FOUR hours in the airport? That is supposed to increase safety? C'mon.

BC Shelby April 30, 2020

...they may have to eliminate that middle seat in steerage/premium class and expand seat pitch so the passenger in front isn't effectively sitting in your lap all the way. This of course would mean higher fares as the break even point would be close to a "full" cabin. Vending machine food? Ugh, I'd rather just wait until I got to my destination or connecting hub. Speaking of connecting hubs, what if you are deemed not able to board there because you came into contact with someone who is infected or are running a little "hot" because you are stressed out? OK, so back to the regulated days where there were more direct flights that made stops but no change of plane. Oh and I'd never put a delicate piece of equipment like a notebook computer, tablet, or camera kit in checked luggage the way it gets thrown around.and dropped. Airlines better be ready and willing to shell out for an increase in personal damage claims (and it's not just the hardware, loss of important yet irreplaceable files would be a disaster). Think maybe I'll stick to Amtrak, provided the feds don't gut its funding again.

ts432 April 30, 2020

Where did this nonsense come from ? Surely from no self respecting technocrat. Probably a history graduate from the failed UK Covid program..Goes by the name of Dom... Seriously though, whilst changes will have to be made lets try to work through them before sniffing the coke.... CT scans left right and centre, disinfectant snorting 24/7, only leaves laser light therapy via the colon. Made me laugh though, but please dont present it as a serious idea.

Jackie_414 April 30, 2020

OR, just not fly anymore. To heck with flying. There is a lot to see in the Western US and one can see it driving there.

Intrepid April 30, 2020

Non-sense post. It omitted a PET Scan of the brain. Before during and after.