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Several Terminals at PHL Will Now Pay Soda Tax

The city of Philadelphia will be implementing a soda tax that part of Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) will recognize and part of it will not. This is because two thirds of the airport is in Tinicum, while the rest of PHL – where a majority of the terminals are – is in Philadelphia.

However, the tax is reportedly not a sales tax, as it will be paid by distributors who provide dealers with beverages, according to Lauren Hitt, city spokeswoman.

According to Philly.com, the new beverage tax, which the city plans to use the revenue to pay for prekindergarten and other programs, is reportedly set to go into effect starting January 1.

For more information on this story, visit Philly.com.

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Irpworks December 11, 2016

Never buy a soda there and see how that funds their utopia.

777 global mile hound December 10, 2016

They should absorb it with their 5 dollar cans of coke

Allan38103 December 9, 2016

And prices to the public will NOT increase?

fotographer December 9, 2016

and how do they prove that?