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Selfie-Taking Idiot Puts Boeing 737 Out of Service

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Ground crew member forces American aircraft to ground, after using the opportunity to take a selfie on the wing of the aircraft

A ground crew employee at Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) may soon be out of work after putting an aircraft out of service over a selfie. The photo-taking incident took place Thursday on an American Airlines aircraft that was parked for overnight for service.

According to CBS affiliate WBZ-TV, the selfie-taker was a contractor for Swissport, an international airline service company. In a bid to take the perfect selfie, the contractor, whose identity has not been released, climbed onto the wing of the parked Boeing 737.

Out of precaution, American decided to pull the aircraft from service for further inspection following the incident, as the act of jumping on the wing could have potentially damaged it. Because the incident late in the evening, the airline experienced no delays as a result of the selfie shenanigans.

Because the contractor had all the appropriate credentials to be on the tarmac when the incident took place, they were not considered to be trespassing. A representative for the Massachusetts State Police told Boston Fox affiliate WFXT that the selfie-taker was not arrested and would not face any charges. It is unclear if the contractor will face any repercussions from employer Swissport for the incident.

Taking dangerous selfies is a growing cause of concern in the travel industry, with 2015 statistics revealing more travelers have been killed from taking selfies than shark attacks.

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AS Flyer October 25, 2015

Yeah, what's up with the sensational headlines and very poor stories on this site?

Icecat October 24, 2015

Somewhat misleading headline..pulled out of service yet no delay, so what's the story here.