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Seeking Flight Attendants with Top Secret Clearance to Fly to Area 51

A Help Wanted ad for Vegas-based flight attendants with prior experience and U.S. government bona fides proving they can keep a secret quickly earned a storm of unwanted media attention this week.

A recently posted job opportunity could offer the right candidate the chance to see the world and meet new and interesting people every day. Unfortunately, any prospective new hires won’t be able to tell a soul about their interesting new job.

The Help Wanted ad posted on the website of defense contractor AECOM seeking flight attendants with both prior experience and preferably an active top secret security clearance is said to be for a position with Janet Airlines. According to USA Today, operations at the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (LAS)-based carrier are so clandestine that the US government refuses to even confirm that the company exists at all.

The newspaper reports that the airline operates a fleet of Boeing 737-600 aircraft from a secure, nondescript building at LAS. The white jets with a distinctive red stripe are rumored to ferry VIPs to secret military bases including Area 51 which is infamous among conspiracy theorists due to its supposed link to UFOs and alien experiments.

The employment posting itself seems to confirm the cloak-and-dagger nature of the enigmatic airline, but following worldwide media attention focusing on the one-of-a-kind Help Wanted ad, the peculiar job opening was quietly deleted from existence this week. It appears that a more discreet recruitment process may be required to fill these open positions.

“Candidates should be level-headed and clear-thinking while handling unusual incidents and situations,” the since-removed job opportunity posting on the AECOM website read. The job description continued on to request that applicants possess “effective oral communication skills, including good public speaking abilities” and “qualify for and maintain a top secret government security clearance and associated work location access.”

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winston vickers January 16, 2018

Have lived in LAS for 30 plus years. Meet someone at a party and during the conversation he stated that he was in the Air Force and travelled a lot. I said something like, “Oh, do you get on those white 737’s that fly up to Area 51?” His mouth hit the floor. Everyone that works at the airport and anyone who watches George Knapp knows what those planes are, where they go and why they fly in and out so much.