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Secret Habits of Self-Proclaimed “Travel Geeks” Revealed in New Survey

July 13 is “Embrace Your Inner Geek Day” and Hotwire is celebrating with a survey that reveals the secret lives of travel geeks in the U.S.

Just in time for “Embrace Your Inner Geek Day” on July 13, Hotwire has released the results of a survey detailing the behavior of the nation’s self-identified travel geeks.

Not only do they travel more and take more spontaneous trips, but according to the results, these travel geeks also know how save money on their bookings.

According to the survey — conducted online by Harris Poll for Hotwire among over 2,000 U.S. adults aged 18 and over — travel geeks are consistent in their habits.

Compared to 36 percent of the general population, 87 percent of travel geeks say they know how to find the best deals on travel and accommodation.

When it comes to last-minute travel plans, 36 percent of geeks said they frequently book last-minute deals. In contrast, only 8 percent of the general population said they did the same.

Of the survey respondents, 60 percent of the self-proclaimed geeks said they thoroughly understood how to make the most of loyalty programs, while only 12 percent of the general population claimed to do the same.

While 53 percent of the general population prefers to get paid for unused vacation time, the survey results reveal that just over three-quarters of geeks. 76 percent, prefer to use these days to seek out new travel experiences.

In comparison with 47 percent of non-geeks, 64 percent of travel geeks use discount websites to book their travel.

Of the total survey population, 18 percent described themselves as travel geeks. This self-identification was most prevalent among millennials, with 27 percent of males and 19 percent of females ages 18 to 34 falling into the “travel geek” category. Millennials were closely followed by students, 24 percent of whom described themselves as “geeks” when it comes to travel.

“Confidence seems like a big factor in getting the most out of travel,” said Hotwire CEO Henrik Kjellberg. “Our survey data demonstrates that self-proclaimed ‘travel geeks’ are much more comfortable navigating the travel landscape, but their specific travel practices are things everyone can adopt. So we’re encouraging everyone to embrace their own inner ‘travel geek.'”

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