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Schoolboy Drawing Triggers Evacuation at EIN

A drawing composed by a British schoolboy and found in the tray table of a Scotland-bound Ryanair flight triggered an evacuation at Eindhoven Airport (EIN) in July. The unknown teenager has said that the drawing was never intended as a threat, but flights out of the facility were diverted and cancelled as a precaution.

A drawing composed by a schoolboy was the cause of the evacuation of a Scotland-bound Ryanair flight from the Dutch city of Eindhoven last month, The Sun reports. The drawing, reportedly made by a 13-year-old British boy, was found by a passenger on the inside of a tray table onboard Ryanair Flight FR1108, which due to depart Eindhoven for Edinburgh on July 9.

Speaking of the incident, one unnamed witness was quoted by the paper as saying, “The woman seated next to me found the note in the fold-out tray table. On it were some graphs, some drawings – how to make a bomb. She found it shortly before take-off and got in a slight panic.”

Military police were then summoned and all passengers were evacuated off of the craft, which was thoroughly searched by bomb sniffing dogs.

While the flight did eventually leave Eindhoven Airport (EIN) after a delay of over three hours, the scare affected traffic into and out of the facility for some time. It is reported that some outbound passengers were delayed until the following day and that a number of flights inbound to EIN were diverted to Amsterdam.

The teenager involved in the incident was questioned by Dutch police as well local prosecutors, who have said that they will not be bringing charges against the young man. According to the outlet, “He reportedly told investigators that people should have understood it was not a realistic bomb threat.”

A spokesperson for Ryanair confirmed the hoax incident to the outlet and said, “Local police carried out a security check, cleared the aircraft to return to service and the airport re-opened shortly afterwards. This is now a matter for local police.”

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ioto1902 September 4, 2018

Where are the parents ?

chavala September 4, 2018

That kid should be sent to juvy for a few years

drvannostren September 3, 2018

People should've realized it wasn't a real bomb threat. But I'm sorry kid, you don't get that benefit of the doubt. You didn't grow up in an era when stuff like this didn't happen. When I was a kid we were told not to mention bomb and whatever at airports, but we also went out trick or treating with no adults, kids didn't shoot up schools, things were different. Honestly a 13 year old, of any race/gender at this point probably has access to all the directions on how to make at least a rudimentary bomb and can probably get some of the really basic ingredients. Doesn't take much to bring down a plane. So yeah, this a bit of an overreaction, but no one knows anymore and I'd rather be safe than sorry.