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Ryanair Under New Investigation After Jets Collide at Dublin Airport


Ryanair has been involved in two separate incidents less than a month apart, prompting investigations by civil aviation authorities.

Budget airline Ryanair is under investigation by two civil aviation authorities as a result of two incidents involving their aircraft within the last month. The incidents, which occurred in two separate countries, each involved close calls with Boeing 737 aircraft.

The first incident occurred on September 17 at Spain’s Malaga Airport (AGP). According to the Daily Mail, a Ryanair 737 had to take emergency evasive action and abort a landing in order to avoid colliding with a Jet2.com aircraft taking off from the same runway.

The Daily Mail cited radar information indicating the two aircraft came within 500 feet of each other. The incident was reported by the Spanish Civil Aviation Accident and Incident Investigation Committee, and a full investigation is expected to determine the cause. Ryanair has not made a statement on the incident.

The second incident took place at Dublin Airport (DUB) on Tuesday, when two Ryanair jets made contact during pushback. Images shared on Twitter show one jet sheared the winglet off of the other with its rear horizontal stabilizer.

“It was almost like going over a pothole in a car,” Glenn Jordan, a passenger on the sheared aircraft, told The Irish Times. “Then it went silent and the plane rocked for a couple of seconds.”

Tuesday’s incident is being investigated by the Irish Aviation Authority. In a printed statement, Ryanair claims that both aircraft were under the control of DUB air traffic controllers when the incident occurred. Both aircraft are currently undergoing repair, and the airline anticipates that each “will be returned to service shortly.”

[Photo: Independent.ie]

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