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RyanAir: Sorry We Flew You to the Wrong City

A passenger on a Ryanair flight in Italy recently launched a tirade against cabin crew after the airline allowed him on a plane that was going to a different city in Italy than his intended destination. The man only knew something was wrong when the flight began the initial descent into its destination.

An Italian man on his way to Cagliari on a Ryanair flight recently went off on flight attendants on the plane because he ended up landing in Bari, rather than his destination hundreds of miles away.

“I went to the wrong gate?” the man questioned in a video shared on Twitter by Vito Scotella, a fellow passenger, and reported by CNN. “And how did you manage to get me through ticket checks? I have to meet a friend who is sick in Cagliari. I spent 400 euros. I have no money left.”

Scotella said the man only realized there was a problem when the plane began to land.

“He said the landscape was different from Cagliari,” Scotella told CNN. “Then he started insulting the flight assistants arguing they let him pass through the gates.”

Scotella believes it was simply a case of the man boarding the wrong plane on the tarmac.

“The flight to Cagliari was late so the two boardings were really close to each other,” he told CNN. “The man got confused. Also, they probably didn’t check his ticket when he got on the plane.”

Ryanair is currently investigating the incident.

“We have asked the operator in charge of ground assistance services for Ryanair planes and passengers at the Pisa airport to shed light on this case and make sure it does not happen again,” the airline said in a statement.


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Cotumely May 28, 2019

Ryanair will probably charge him for the flight.

Flight44 May 26, 2019

So someone looked at his boarding pass and welcomed him to board a plane to a different destination? Brillliant. And him so stupid not to check the gate? An example why these junk airlines need to be shut down and why some people should not be allowed aboard them.