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Ryanair Sneakily Bumps up Cost of Carry-Ons

Low-cost carrier Ryanair has instituted a rule stating that only flyers who have shelled out the £5 for priority boarding will be guaranteed to hold onto their carry-on luggage, and all others face the possibility of having their luggage placed in the hold in the interest of space.

Ryanair posted a notice to their website claiming that the fee for prioarity boarding was €5/£5 “online” and €6/£6 “post booking/airport,” adding that “an increased charge is applicable for priority boaring [sic] on selected routes.”

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Fyd June 6, 2018

The headline is misleading - carry on is not costing more than before and nothing about this is "sneaky" , Ryan Air is communicating it clearly and frequently from booking all the way through check-in.. And this is not a fee for carry-on. It still flies for free, but you do have to drop it at the gate and pick it up at baggage claim. On my recent (full) flights this helped to speed up the boarding process, no more time was wasted with people looking for bin space or having to go back to the front to have the luggage checked... While I preferred the old rules, this is still better than the ridiculously low limits in seize and weight (LH is 5kg personal item??!) I'm quite happy to spend $5 to board first and have my 10kg luggage with me. Others can still fly with 10kg + personal item for free...