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Ryanair Pax Claims FA Extortion After Lavatories Declared out of Order

A flyer was allegedly told that he would have to pay a fine to the cabin crew after he was forced to urinate in a plastic bottle, all because the plane’s toilets were not operational.

Video has emerged of a heated debate between a desperate Ryanair passenger and flight attendants who appear to have been pushed to the limit. The unpleasantness reportedly started after all of the toilets on a flight from Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA) to Faro Airport (FAO) became clogged and were declared out of order.

A video of the altercation posted online by the British tabloid newspaper The Sun shows a flight attendant angrily accusing the unidentified passenger of splashing urine on his uniform. “’If I go and pee on your luggage, would you like that?” the crew member asks.

The passenger, who had reportedly walked to the back of the plane to relieve himself, makes an attempt to defend his apparently necessary actions, explaining that he was “only having a little pee.” The unnamed flyer offered matter-of-factly that he had “stopped when he was told to.”

Eyewitnesses to the exchange told the newspaper that at one point a flight attendant demanded that the passenger cough up 90 euros as a “fine” for committing an aviation offense. “The young lad was absolutely desperate for the toilet and he did the right thing by trying to do it out of people’s view,” passenger Sue Francis told reporters. “I explained that had the plane been serviced in the first place they would have known the toilets were faulty and none of this would have happened.”

Despite making a rather compelling case, the unidentified passenger was taken into custody by police upon landing. Ryanair officials, not surprisingly, had a different take on the situation. The airline told the Daily Mail that as soon as one of the toilets on the plane could be unclogged, flight attendants started to escort passengers to the working lavatory one-by-one. In a statement, the company said that the whole incident was the fault of a single “disruptive passenger.”

Ryanair is just the latest airline to make headlines by enforcing a hardline policy on involuntary bodily functions. Last month, Delta Airlines removed a passenger from his flight after he made an urgent lavatory visit following a lengthy ground delay prior to takeoff.

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KRSW May 24, 2017

When you've got to go, you've got to go... @Asiaflyguy: The FA was trying to "collect" a 90€ "fine" in the air from the passenger.

Asiaflyguy May 24, 2017

Sucks that this happened, but I am having trouble understanding where the "extortion" comes into play??

Freebird May 24, 2017

That just makes you want to go to Ryanair's website and book a flight right away, doesn't it?