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Ryanair Passengers Find… Dried Vomit on Their Seats

Ryanair Passengers Find… Dried Vomit on Their Seats
Jackie Reddy

Fred and Sheila McInerney spotted the dried mess upon boarding their flight from Alicante, Spain, to Bristol, England, late last month. They claim that they were told that summoning a cleaner to attend to the vomit would cause a delay to their flight. Their son has criticized the low-cost carrier.

A couple who found dried vomit on their seats have slammed Ryanair after they were told by cabin crew that summoning a cleaner to clear the mess would result in a flight delay, the Daily Express reports. Passengers Fred and Sheila McInerney spotted the vomit as they were boarding their Bristol-bound flight from Alicante, Spain, late last month.

The pair, who were travelling to the UK to visit their son, summoned the flight’s crew and asked to have their seats cleared, but were told that this was not possible due to the potential delay. The couple’s son, who has asked not to be publicly named, spoke out about his parents’ experience with the carrier to local news outlet Bristol Live.

“Budget airlines especially Ryanair have no customer service, they don’t deem this to be a part of their policy. Their cabin crew and standards in comparison to larger more reputable airlines is substandard and needs investigating. Ryanair make their customers feel like transporting them is a chore and it’s as if their customers should act and behave as they are told during transportation as they are lucky to be on the flight,” he said.

Commenting directly on the couple’s experience, Fred McInerney told the website, “The whole experience felt as though we didn’t matter.”

It has been reported that the McInerneys were left to wait standing in the aisle of the aircraft while the flight’s crew debated what to do. When told that cleaning the vomit from their assigned seats was not an option, the pair then asked to change seats. In order to accommodate them, another passenger was moved and the couple were given clean new seats.

Commenting to the outlet, a spokesperson for the carrier said, “All Ryanair aircraft are thoroughly cleaned by professionals at the end of each day, in line with industry standards. Cabin crew carry out a cabin tidy and toilet check at the end of every flight, during turnaround. In this instance, the customers in question were moved to other seats and cabin crew cleaned the area in question.”

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  1. jrpallante

    October 9, 2018 at 9:57 am

    Aside from the desire to continually pile on Ryannair, what is the problem? The pax found their seat dirty, so they were relocated to other seats. Most airlines are not equipped to do any maintenance or special cleaning outside of their hubs, so sometimes a broken or dirty seat stays that way until the plane reaches home base.

  2. robsaw

    October 9, 2018 at 4:20 pm

    The problem is that Ryanair initially had NO interest in re-assigning them or taking the soiled seats out of service; therefore any reference to how things are with “most airlines” is a faulty comparison.

  3. arcticflier

    October 20, 2018 at 2:20 pm

    Nowjere in the article do I see any claim that flight crew had no interest in re-assigning the couple or taking the seats out of service.

    “It has been reported that the McInerneys were left to wait standing in the aisle of the aircraft while the flight’s crew debated what to do.”

    Pax finds assigned seat broken or soiled.
    Pax refuses to occupy assigned seat.
    Pax notifies FA.
    FA comfirms issue with seat and considers most reasonable solution.
    Pax is assigned new seat.
    What is the problem with this?

    The article states a different pax was forced to relocate…which suggests the couple was insistent on being seated together.

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