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Ryanair Launches Business Class Service


New “Business Plus” offers Ryanair flyers unlimited ticket changes, free checked bag and priority boarding.

European low-cost carrier Ryanair announced the launch of its new Business Plus service Wednesday. Travelers can now purchase seats in Business Plus for as little as $99.

The higher-priced ticket offers many familiar business class amenities, including one free checked bag (up to 44 pounds), priority check-in and free ticket changes on the day of travel. While there will be no physical partition between Business Plus and economy class, those traveling Business Plus will have access to premium seats in the first five rows of the aircraft and enjoy extra leg room.

“Businesses are becoming smarter with their travel and over 25 percent of our customers already travel on business,” Ryanair CMO Kenny Jacobs said in a statement announcing the change. Jacobs added that the new class “will make business travel with Ryanair ever simpler, as we continue to offer so much more than just the lowest fares.”

This change comes only three months after the carrier announced its first annual profit decrease in over five years. Outgoing Ryanair Deputy CEO and CFO Howard Millar told The Guardian in May: “The low-fares industry has evolved. It wasn’t enough to do just low fares. During that period we weren’t listening or were asleep at the wheel but we have learned a lot.”

Since then, Ryanair has taken on several customer-focused initiatives. Recent improvements include the incorporation of PayPal as a payment option and the establishment of a family-oriented service.

[Photo: Ryanair]

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