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Ryanair Criticized After Brussels Attacks

In the wake of two terrorist attacks at Brussels Airport (BRU) and Maelbeek metro station Tuesday, low-cost carrier Ryanair is being criticized for reportedly charging a group of passengers £6,000 for flights home.

According to The Independent, when the 28 flyers allegedly requested to alter their flight to Manchester, “they were asked to pay a £60 charge to change their flights plus an upgrade of £154 each to match the available fare on the new flights” because there were only 28 seats left. The group declined the offer.

For more information on this story, visit The Independent.

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mckroes March 31, 2016

154+60= 214, and it's a group of 28 people so 214 x 28=5992 which is almost 6000

weero March 31, 2016

Im what universe is GBP 154+ GBP 60 = GBP 6000? It's either misleading bordering on libel or beyond stupid. Don't like change fees? Don't change your flights or buy flexible tix. GBP 60 for a change is in no way unreasonable.

FlyingWithers March 24, 2016

One more reason, for me, never to use this airline. Love the PR department. How to "Win friends and influence people."