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Rumored Disney Airline May Have Cabin Crew in Costumes

After successfully taking on the cruise world, entertainment conglomerate Disney could be joining the aviation industry as well. Rumors among insiders suggest the company will begin its own air service to get flyers and families to Walt Disney World in Orlando.

The Walt Disney Company controls many different entertainment properties, from amusement parks to cinematic universes. But according to company insiders, aviation could be the next unit to join the mega-corporation. Blog Just Disney reports the company could operate an airline as their next step in the travel world.

The entertainment conglomerate is well known in the travel industry for their vacations company, Disney Cruise Lines and hotel properties located at their parks. But their history with airlines is turbulent. In 1971, Disney partnered with Eastern Airlines to bring travelers to the newly-opened Walt Disney World, even going so far as to sponsor a ride at the amusement park. The relationship ended in 1987, after Disney decided to move the sponsorship to direct competitor Delta Air Lines. But even that relationship ended in the middle of the 1990s.

Today, Disney doesn’t have an “official” airline, although Alaska Airlines and Southwest Airlines both hold a significant presence at Orlando International Airport (MCO). That could change as soon as 2021, as executives inside the company look at launching their own carrier “to infinity and beyond.”

According to the blog, the airline would offer flights from Orlando International Airport to domestic hubs important to their business, including the Los Angeles Area (home of Disneyland), Chicago, Detroit and New York. The rumors suggest the passenger experience would heavily feature characters from Disney properties, including those from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And each seat could get streaming access to Disney+, the new streaming service from the entertainment company.

Whether or not the airline will actually come to fruition is yet to be seen. The Walt Disney Company has made no announcements about an airline or other new additions to their travel lineup in the near future.


[Featured Image: Flickr/ Dennis Jarvis]

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FlyingWithers July 25, 2019

Please, Please tell me this is not true. Stop the madness.

GlenP July 25, 2019

(Sorry, can't resist.) Sounds like it's shaping up to be a right Mickey Mouse outfit

craz July 23, 2019

I guess you forgot about Carnival Airlines. SOS they had to succeed since they were gonna be moving people to their crusies, Not Disney will end up parked right next to The Carnival planes in Victorville or wherever

rylan July 23, 2019

Add this one to the no fly list.