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Robots Will Be Parking Cars at Gatwick Airport

Parking at London’s Gatwick Airport (LGW) is already at a premium, but in August the facility will introduce a three-month trial that will see robot valets park passengers’ cars. This fleet of robots – individually known as Stan – will move vehicles to secure lots in an effort to create more space.

This summer, London’s Gatwick Airport (LGW) will be introducing a three-month trial that will see robot valets park passengers’ cars at the facility, The Sun reports.

Beginning in August, arriving passengers can simply park up in specified drop-off areas, which resemble spacious, garage-like spaces. Keeping their keys on them, travelers then use a terminal within the drop-off area to confirm their travel and parking details. After this is done, their car is secured within the drop-off space.

When this process is complete, one of a fleet of robots – individually known as a Stan, a device that is the brainchild of French company Stanley Robotics – is summoned and slides a long, plank-like arm underneath the parked vehicle to move it to a free space.

The space in which cars are parked by Stan at LGW is not accessible to the general public, something that the company says will ensure the security of passengers’ vehicles while they are away. Additionally, as no drivers or passengers will need access to their cars, it also means that vehicles can be more closely packed together, thus saving space within the lot.

In fact, the outlet reports that this technology could see up to 30 percent more cars being parked at the airport’s already crowded parking facilities.

Upon passengers’ return, they can find their cars parked in a box within the designated pick-up area at LGW. Travelers who wish to take part in this trial can locate Stan facilities within the long-stay parking lot at LGW’s South Terminal area.

The outlet reports that 270 spaces will be made available for this robot valet system.

[Photo: Stanley Robotics]

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t_cliff February 11, 2019

Not sure if I want my car towed with 2 wheels on ground essentially from a spot to another lot for airport parking.